The Grimoire of Geillis Goodmoon – Ch. 12

Chapter 12: The Grimoire of Geillis Goodmoon

grimoire-of-geillis-goodmoonGeillis was helping her mother tidy up the spare bedroom in her little condo. As with most folks, it was more of a storage locker than a bedroom, collecting more junk with each passing day.

“Would you like this, dear?” her mother asked, handing her a journal, its dusty cover illustrated with pretty, hand-painted wildflowers. “Someone gave it to me long ago, but I never used it.”

Geillis accepted the notebook gladly, but with reservation, too. She already had half a dozen such journals taking up valuable real estate on a shelf at home – all blank, all far too pretty to write in.

Except for one. A few years back, a friend had given her a wonderful, medieval-looking book with an embossed leather binding studded with tiny, jewel-toned cabochons. Geillis knew at once that it would make a perfect grimoire.

Her grimoire. A witch’s Book of Shadows – a “textbook” containing instructions and observations on all things witchy: spells and rituals, folklore, moon phases and recipes for potions, lotions and the like. A bullet journal of magick, if you will.

In it, Geillis wrote oh-so-carefully in shimmery grey ink from a fountain pen. The only thing wrong with the grimoire was that it didn’t have a lock.

But Geillis Goodmoon knew how to keep unwelcome eyes from discovering her secrets.

The Book of Spells: Vintage Edition by Nicola de Pulford (2010, Barron’s)

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“The Grimoire of Geillis Goodmoon” series & Geillis Goodmoon character © 2019 Valerie J. Barrett. All rights reserved.

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