The Grimoire of Geillis Goodmoon – Ch. 1

Chapter 1: An Ordinary Witch Called Geillis

grimoire-of-geillis-goodmoonGeillis Goodmoon always wanted to be a witch.

Well, she already was one … but she’d forever longed to be one of those skinny, beautiful witches with cascading auburn hair and green eyes. A Nicole Kidman type witch. A witch with long fingers to show off all those heavy silver rings, and a swan’s neck to hang her pentacle from. A lithe figure to wear plunging tees and flowy cotton maxis, like a gypsy.

For as long as she could remember, Geillis had been locked in a Battle Royale with her weight, and was a little on the plump side. She tried to pretend she was another Stevie Nicks, voluptuous but cute as a bohemian, but really she just felt dumpy. She cut her mouse-brown hair boyishly short (because she was too impatient to fuss) and dyed it a shade called “Autumn Auburn”. Someone had once told her she had steely eyes; they were a nice grey-blue, it was true – but she wasn’t sure she liked the “steely” part. And whenever she took off her thick spectacles to look prettier and more sophisticated, all she did was squint. Plus, glasses didn’t look right with the dangly owl earrings she was dying to wear.

With all her heart, she wished she could wave her yew-wood wand with a Potteresque flick and change everything. But she knew that would never work. That kind of parlour trick wasn’t real magick.witch-owl

• • • • • • • )O( • • • • • • •

“The Grimoire of Geillis Goodmoon” series & Geillis Goodmoon character © 2019 Valerie J. Barrett. All rights reserved.

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