Grand Tour – Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Sandra Crook

When they were young and impressionable, three women went a-travellin’. One had been to England many times. For the others, this was a first. For misty-eyed me, it turned out to be the voyage of dreams.

Our focus was ancient monuments. At Stonehenge, I kissed holy ground. Other circles and pre-historic villages – silent Din Lligwy; the cryptic fogou at Carn Euny – were eerily intriguing.

Castles and abbeys abounded, too. Ruined Corfe, Kenilworth and Rievaulx spoke of violence and decay. But time will never fade haunted Cornwall: I heard the hoofbeats; I felt its spirits. Old ghosts live on at Tintagel.

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“Grand Tour”, a 100-word story © 2022 Valerie J. Barrett. All rights reserved. Thank you to Rochelle for hosting this challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less, based on a photo prompt. To join in, click on her name above and follow the directions.